Placeholder cat
Current MistClan
Past N/A
Given Shellspring
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Father Unnamed tomcat
Mother Unnamed she-cat
Sibling Unnamed deceased kits
Mate None
Kit None
Owner None

Shellspring is a blue-gray she-cat with ice-blue eyes and rather fluffy fur.



Shellspring is a blue-gray she-cat with ice-blue eyes and fluffy fur. Her fur sticks up sometimes and can be hard to manage but usually her fur is neat. She is muscular and is of normal size. Her eyes are a very icy blue and can be shocking when you first look in them.


Physical HealthEdit

Shellspring maintains good physical health but gets sick frequently. She is a bit clumsy and sometimes careless so she injures herself almost meaninglessly sometimes but she keeps her claws and teeth in good condition.

Mental HealthEdit

Shellspring does not have a very controlled mind but secretly wants a mate. Despite this desire, she never pursues it and can get bitter sometimes and her judgment can falter and she can change her mind a lot about things. Overall she is mentally stable but sometimes wobbles on the edge of being unstable.


Shellspring is a very kindhearted cat with good intentions for her Clan, but because she wants a mate and never pursues it, she can get a bit bitter and more irritable than normal.

She is friendly but if someone catches her on her bad side it is not pleasant. Sometimes if she is in one of her phases where her mind is not clear she gets careless and she has bad judgment. She can get secretive and is very collected in public but it is a thunderstorm in her mind; she bottles up her emotions and puts up facades frequently.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Shellspring is a good tracker and hunter but thinks a lot so she can fail tasks by a whisker. In battle she can get reckless and sometimes she can overestimate herself and nearly kill herself because of this weakness.


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  • Most of her personality is based off of her roleplayer, Tawny's personality.