Misty Rain
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Current MLPClan
Past None
Given Misty Rain
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Sibling None
Mate None and never will
Kit None
Owner None
Misty Rain (Misty) is a light grayish blue pegasus with a dark blue and lavender purple mane and tail. She has dark blue hooves, a wave as her cutie-mark, and lavender purple eyes.


She is quiet pegasus pony, and doesn't bother to do anything wild. She's a little obsessed with books, and never bothers to go outside and play with her few but trustworthy friends. Misty does go out to stretch her wings, though, but she doesn't do anything else that requires lots of time spent outside, unless she's dragged out by her friends. She has lots of knowledge about the world because of her time spent in reading, but she's never actually experienced it all. She's pretty serious, and it's almost impossible to get a smile to show on her face. Misty frequently scolds the other ponies for their wild acts that she could never do herself. She wants a pet turtle, since it's quiet, but she can't find any turtles anywhere.


She's a pony in MLPClan.

She is seen reading. 


Credit to noxwyll of Deviantart for making the cutie mark.

Misty Rain


  • She's Crystal's first OC pony.