Placeholder cat
Current Loner
Past None
Given Mint
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Father Unnamed she-cat
Mother Unnamed tom
Sibling None
Mate None
Kit None
Owner None

Mint is a petite, fluffy white she-cat with sparkling amber eyes.


Mint lives a secluded life by herself in the forest. She is also very shy naturally and this, combined with her lifestyle, means she interacts with but a few cats, and even fewer are her friends. Once she has gotten over her shyness around a cat however, she could speak for hours on end if she chose to. She also has a very vivid imagination that she lets run free while she is alone. Part of Mint wishes not to be close to anyone, due to her mother's death, which Mint was greatly saddened by.



Mint was the only kit in her litter. Her mother, after a difficult new-leaf birth, named her after a single stalk of mint that was growing in front of her den. Her father had left her pregnant mother a moon before Mint was born. As a single mother who refused help from others, Mint's mother had a hard time supporting the two while she was still weak from Mint's birth. When Mint was a moon old her mother had returned to full health and life became much easier for the two. At around five moons her mother had begun to teach her about hunting, fighting, and the different herbs she would need in life. She proved to be a quick learner and, within some time, would have been able to support herself if she chose to leave.
At eight moons Mint's father returned for a brief period of time. He ignored Mist completely, her mother's pregnancy being the reason he left the first time, as he despised kits. He left a half-moon later after a fight with Mint's mother, once again leaving the two on their own.
When Mint reached around twelve moons her mother fell ill, her health declining rapidly. Despite Mist's efforts to save her she soon died, leaving Mint on her own. She choose to lead the same secluded life her mother had lead, interacting with almost no cat.

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Unnamed she-cat: Deceased


Unnamed tom: Status Unknown