MLPClan is a crazy Clan. Their ponies range from crazy to sweet, kind to sarcastic. Every pony is unique, and no two are the same. They are all loyal, despite this, and would do anything for each other.


Royal Trinket- white pony with a firey blue mane and blue-green eyes. Her wings are tall and skinny. Her horn is tall and pointed. She has a hammer as her cutie mark. Roleplayed by: Kyra

Icy Blizzard - light blue-green pony with a darker blue-green mane and green eyes. She has short, skinny wings, and a rounded horner. Her cutie mark is a cloud. Roleplayed by: Neha


Winged Lightning - beautiful white pony with a crimp-curled black and yellow mane and tail. She has yellow-green eyes and a winged lightning bolt as a cutie mark. Roleplayed by: Feather

Derpy Hooves - grayish purplish pony with a yellow-golden mane and tail. She has golden eyes and a few bubbles as a cutie mark. Roleplayed by: Neha

Shimmering Frost - slender, long-legged, pretty female pony with a very pale blue, almost white, coat, a long, flowing, curly light blue mane and tail, dark blue hooves, icy-blue eyes, and long, almost feathery wings. She has a snowflake for a cutie mark. Roleplayed by Tatum

Rainbow Dash - light cerulean pegasus mare with a rainbow mane and tail, cerise eyes, and a blue-yellow-red thunderbolt with a cloud as her cutie mark. Roleplayed by Bbun

Misty Rain - Light grayish blue pony with a dark blue and lavender purple mane and tail. She has dark blue hooves, a wave as her cutie-mark, and lavender purple eyes. RPed by Crys.

Earth PoniesEdit

Pinkie Pie - A bright pink pony with large, bright blue eyes. She has a dark pink mane and three balloons as her cutie mark. RPed by The epic one


- Glacier - beautiful white pony with a bubblegum blue crimp-curled mane, a fluffy tail and blue eyes, with an ice shard as her cutie mark. Roleplayed by: Feather

Crackling Flame - slender ginger pony with dark brown hooves, a long, curled ginger and yellow mane and tail, dark brown eyes and a lightly rounded horn. She has a red, orange and yellow flame for a cutie mark. Roleplayed by Tatum

France - beautiful white pony with pink hooves and pink eyes. She has curly black and pink hair and wings and a horn. Rped by Cinder

Yellow Birch - pale yellow pony with brown mane, hooves, and green eyes. His cutie mark is a leafy plant with yellow buds. Rped by Cloud 9


- Jazzle Mae - beautiful teal pony with a wavy black mane and tail. She has a glittering diamond as a cutie mark. Rped by Cinder

Princess Luna - beautiful dark purple-blue alicorn with a lighter blue mane, blue eyes and a moon as a cutie mark. Roleplayed by Feather


MLPClan Roleplay

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