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  Phoenix yawned as lied in the roots of the tree. With no friends, he was often lonely. Paris 16:22, July 27, 2013 (UTC)

James stretched, getting to his paws. He hadn't eaten all day, and however much he didn't want to, food was essential for survival. Then again, survival was the least of this thoughts, but he knew his brothers wouldn't be happy if he starved himself. Sighing, he padded out of the clearing he slept in, and into the forest, looking for some prey.

Losing himself in thoughts, James felt his body begin to get dizzy. It wasn't a normal feeling, and he assumed it to be from lack of food. How did he know all this medical stuff? Logan. He remembered when Logan used to sit and explain different herbs and their uses to him, and how he kept telling the brown to to shut up and go talk to someone who cared.

He still felt guilty about that. What if Logan hated him? After all, if he'd listened to what his brother had to say, he would've known how to care for all three of his brothers when they became ill, and maybe, just maybe, he could've prevented their deaths.

But no. He had to be the selfish, arrogant, cat he was and ignore Logan. Not to mention what he'd done to Kendall and Carlos. He knew they hated him. They probably wanted him to join them in StarClan, so they could kill him for the second time. Then, he'd just fade away to nothing. Because that's all he was.

"I'm no use to anyone anymore," he muttered. ShoonderpYou are my everything... 16:36, July 27, 2013 (UTC)

Tawny crept through the forest when she heard the murmur. She didn't realize another cat was here. She didn't want to be fought, so she asked the mysterious tom, "Who says?" —Tawnty A Lame Deep-Dawnderp 16:46, July 27, 2013 (UTC)

James looked up, starled. "Nothing. Don't worry about it," he replied mutely. He padded in the other direction, not wanting her to see the tear sliding down his cheek. ShoonderpYou are my everything... 16:50, July 27, 2013 (UTC)

Tawny didn't worry. "This world is small. Since we might meet again, what's your name? Mine's Tawny." —Tawnty A Lame Deep-Dawnderp 16:56, July 27, 2013 (UTC)

"James," He muttered over his shoulder. "Don't talk to me again, I'd prefer to be alone." ShoonderpYou are my everything... 16:57, July 27, 2013 (UTC)

"Sure, James. That's my brother's name. See you!" (Oh yeah just dragged my irl brother into this but I won't make a third James) —Tawnty A Lame Deep-Dawnderp 17:01, July 27, 2013 (UTC)

An empty, hollow feeling consumed James' muscular body, as he walked through the forest. Life just wasn't precious to him anymore. He did want to end his life, because he just felt so worthless. Of no use to anyone. Oh, who was he kidding? He was no use to anyone. ShoonderpYou are my everything... 00:43, July 28, 2013 (UTC)

Tawny continued walking and sensed that James was sad, maybe even depressed, but she didn't speak. She wandered, not caring if she scared away prey. —Tawnty A Lame Deep-Dawnderp 01:06, July 28, 2013 (UTC)

Flower perched on a tree branch in the forest. "I can see so far!" She breathed. Then she remembered. Her father, her last living family, had died on this very tree. He had slipped on a high branch and fell to his death. Flower saw it. She saw him writhe on the ground, telling her... Flower blinked back tears. She loved her father, Flame, very much. She hopped down to the ground from a low branch. She had buried Flame where he died. He died yesterday. His scent lingered. Flower picked some beautiful flowers (lol) and put them at the scuff of dirt and the rock where underneath lay her father. She sat there. "Did you make it to the stars yet?" She whispered. "Did Leaf, Rain, and Blizzard take you there?" Suddenly new scents came through. Leaf, Rain, and Blizzard. Flower shut her eyes, trying to block the tears. "I'll make you proud," she vowed to her deceased family before a sob came out. —Tawnty A Lame Deep-Dawnderp 02:00, July 28, 2013 (UTC)

Rose walked towards the forest. She passed a strange looking blue doghouse and she wondered how a dog could ever fit. She was suddenly barreled over so quickly she barely had time to think that she was being fought by the dog; maybe she had strayed too close. But then she smelled badger scent. Rose leapt up, fighting weakly; the forest was where she hoped to find prey and shelter after a quarter-moon. She was weak and dizzy from lack of food and rest. She fought with little strength she had left. StarClan help me, she thought, knowing sooner or later she would black out. —Tawnty A Lame Deep-Dawnderp 01:45, July 29, 2013 (UTC)

Hearing the commotion outside, the Doctor jumped into action. Quickly running through his doghouse, which, oddly, was larger on this inside than the outside. Nosing the door open as quickly as he could, he found himself standing nose-to-nose with a large black-and-white badger. He quickly glanced down, seeing a cat struggle under the mass of the large lumbering furball. The Doctor bared his teeth, and, with a snarl, launched himself onto the shoulders of the badger. Surprised by the new weight on it's shoulders, the badger backed up, allowing Rose to climb to her paws.

The Doctor peered down at her. "Run! Run to my TARDIS!" The Doctor yelled, gouging the badger's eyes. Doctor rolled his eyes when Rose gave him a confused look. "It stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space! Don't bother asking, I just threw words together! It's rather fitting for her, really!" He stopped and bit into the badger's ear. The badger growled in pain as the Doctor drew blood. "Here I go again, talking like nothing's happening. Well, go on then! To the TARDIS! I'll be fine!" The Doctor bit into the badger's shoulder, causing it to yowl. It shook him off and lumbered away, moaning in pain, leaving a trail of blood. The Doctor noticed Rose was still there. "You stupid cat, I told you to do something! I was trying to protect you and you stood there like a statue!" (Ok, he's a bit more like 11 than he's supposed to be but whatever, we can mix 10 and 11 k) —krys  holy smokes 02:12, 07/29/2013

James sighed to himself. A tear rolled down his cheek, and he whimpered softly. "Logie...Litos...Kenny...I miss you all...why'd you have to leave me here, all by myself? You guys were my only reason to live, and now you're gone....tell me, what in StarClan's name am I supposed to do without you guys?" He curled up into a ball on the forest floor, not caring where he was, and closed his eyes, wrapping his tail over his nose, before crying himself into a restless, fidgety, disturbed sleep. ShoonderpYou are my everything... 02:21, July 29, 2013 (UTC)

Ginger was returning from visiting Mint, the shy white she-cat always opened up around Ginger, and they both always had a good time around each other. It took Ginger a few minutes to realize that she was rather close to Twolegplace. As much as she hated to admit it she did miss the time when Leaf had been her sister, not her enemy. Shaking off memories she bounded towards the den she shared with Ruby and when she reached it came inside and curled up besides the tortoiseshell she-cat, who was taking a nap.

Mint was curled up outside her den, staring up at the sky. She and Ginger often spent days together, and she felt more talkative after a day spent with her. But she wasn't very outgoing, so there was never anyone else to talk to. Her den was a ways into the forest, and consisted of a hollow log with some leaves and moss for bedding. It had been her home since her mother had died. Getting to her paws, the she-cat went to go wander in the woods for awhile- after all it was better than doing nothing.

Mist was padding along one of the Clan's borders. She thought it was MistClan, as the Clan cats called it, but she didn't pay attention to stuff like that for the most part. She wasn't quite sure if she felt like messing around on or over the border at the moment, so she was just walking around in a rather large circle. Caught in indecision she highly doubted she'd notice if there was another cat around, but she didn't much care at the moment. Shimmer Say My Name! 02:22, 07/29/2013

Rose was so confused. "TARDIS, huh..." She muttered, dodging the badger. She watched the mysterious cat fight the badger. Suddenly it stalked away. "I'm sorry, I can barely walk right to your... TARDIS! It travels through space and time and worlds, and... are you sure you're not talking rubbish? And what's your name anyways? Mine's Rose." (Ugh she doesn't seem like Rose or is it just me) —Tawnty A Lame Deep-Dawnderp 02:34, July 29, 2013 (UTC)

The Doctor stood up, turning to Rose. "The Doctor," he meowed, smiling at Rose's confused expression. "I'm certainly something else, aren't I?" he grinned. —krys  holy smokes 02:53, 07/29/2013

"Certainly," Rose mewed breathlessly. "You didn't answer my questions. What's this about a TARDIS? And... Doctor... it doesn't seem complete. Doctor Who?" (I'm sorry I had to) —Tawnty A Lame Deep-Dawnderp 02:58, July 29, 2013 (UTC)

"Ah, the TARDIS... She's a beauty! I suppose you've seen her? The blue doghouse? Looks rather small doesn't it? She travel through time and space, as her name suggests. Ah, that question again. The name's the Doctor. Just like that," the Doctor watched as Rose blinked,still not quite sure the tom was sane. —krys  holy smokes 03:06, 07/29/2013

"Just Doctor, huh.. what do you need a time and space traveling blue box called a TARDIS for? Saving the world?" Rose added with a small snicker. —Tawnty A Lame Deep-Dawnderp 03:27, July 29, 2013 (UTC)

"Saving the universe, rather. Done it so many times I lost count," the Doctor meowed, licking his paw. "You seem interested in my TARDIS. THat's all you've said. 'TARDIS, TARDIS, TARDIS!' Why's that? Are you interested in joining me?" Before Rose could reply, he pushed her toward the TARDIS. Shutting the door behind him, he turned to the console. Hissing with frustration when it wouldn't work, he held a piece of wood, similarly shaped to a hammer, between his paws and brought it down forcefully on the console. "Ah, here we are," the tom meowed. He turned to Rose. Think you've seen it all? Think again. Outside those doors, we might see anything. We could find new worlds, terrifying monsters, impossible things. And if you come with me... nothing will ever be the same again! Allons-y!" —krys  holy smokes 03:46, 07/29/2013

Rose purred and responded, "I'll come along!" She went into the TARDIS. She listened to the Doctor and noticed how large the blue box was compared to the exterior. "How does this work, anyway?" She was excited though for what was to come. —Tawnty A Lame Deep-Dawnderp 03:58, July 29, 2013 (UTC)

The Doctor chuckled. "Well, you pull this, hit that, push that, repeat, then twist that, hit that, and pull that," he explained, doing the actions as he said them. He did them pretty fast, not particularly helping Rose's curiosity at all. While the TARDIS whirred and whooshed, the Doctor turned to Rose. "Bigger on the inside, see? Timelord stuff," he meowed, turning back. He used his paws to hold up a silver rod with an odd blue light on the tip. "My sonic screwdriver. I've had several sonic screwdrivers- they often get broken or lost, so I have to build a newer, better model. It's improving all the time. It's sonic, and it's a screwdriver - What's not to like?" The Doctor asked, smiling. —krys  holy smokes 04:36, 07/29/2013

Rose' s curiosity intensified as she watched. "Do you have any family? How long have you been traveling?" —Tawnty A Lame Deep-Dawnderp 04:59, July 29, 2013 (UTC)

The Doctor continued to walk around the TARDIS. "Ah, family. Do I actually have one of those? Perhaps, in a time lord-y way I do. My mate is Riversong. I normally just call her River. Ah, lovely girl, she is," he kept talking about himself, continuously, while padding around the TARDIS - checking stabilizers among other things. Somehow, in his long period of rambling, he ended up talking about a particular phrase that had a peculiar ring to it. "Ah, timey-wimey. One of my favourite phrases. Don't know what it means? Anything to do with time that can be timey-wimey in a wibbly-wobbly sort of way. It's all rather tricky for a little feline to cope with, so calling it timey-wimey makes it sound more kind of cozy and easy and sensible, don't you think?" —krys  holy smokes 05:18, 07/29/2013

"Yes," Rose agreed, nodding her head. "Where are we going?" (Lame) —Tawnty A Lame Deep-Dawnderp 13:08, July 29, 2013 (UTC)

Ghost kept treading on until he finally reached the river. He saw his sister Midnight, along with Shade, just as he thought would happen. "Oh Midnight," he thought. "Why won't you just listen to me, or even Leila?" Ghost wasn't suprised that she didn't listen to Edge, Ghost, Leila, and Midnight's adoptive father. He and Leila had disobeyed Edge before, like when Ghost went out to hunt back when he was a young kit, although Edge had told him to stay in the tree-den. But Midnight being with a tom that seemed slightly suspicious was a lot more serious. So Ghost took a deep breath, and went toward the pair of cats. As soon as the two noticed him, Shade growled, "What's he doing here?" Ghost ignored him and mewed to Midnight in a quiet voice, "Midnight, we need to talk," "About what?" Midnight hissed in a sassy tone quietly. "Him," Ghost answered. He led Midnight over to a tree farther away from Shade and mewed, "I don't have a good feeling about him." "Are you saying I shouldn't hang out with him anymore?" Midnight asked. Ghost couldn't find a way to tell the truth nicely, but he would rather upset Midnight instead of lying to her. "Well," he stalled for a moment, and then mewed, "Yes." He confessed. Midnight looked at him very angrily. "What?!" Before Ghost could say anything, Midnight swiped at his face, claws unsheathed. He had started a fight with his sister that he never wanted to happen when he came. ~Swiftcloud

"Midnight, wait!" No matter what Ghost said or did, Midnight kept on fighting. She scratched his shoulder and Ghost started bleeding. But at last, he was able to hold Midnight down. Midnight gave up and growled, "But why?" Ghost realized that she looked really sad now. "I thought he might want to kill you or something," he mewed. "He seems suspicous to me." Midnight gave him a snobby look. "Let's talk about this later," she murmured. Ghost saw that Shade was walking toward him. "What's going on?" he hissed. Midnight answered him. "Nothing." She walked away, heading back to the tree-den. Ghost heard Shade murmur, "Thanks a lot for coming," Shade bounded away somewhere far from the river. Ghost went back to the tree-den to think everything through. When he got back, he sat outside for a moment. "What should I do?" He couldn't just go ask Midnight to talk right away. Midnight was probably angry with him, and he didntt want to get into another fight. He heard pawsteps, and saw Edge, his adoptive father, and Leila, his other sister. Edge gave Ghost a very stern look while Leila just stared at him. "Ghost," Edge growled, "What happened?"~Swiftcloud

"So?" Edge was waiting for an answer. "About Midnight?" Ghost asked. He knew that was what this was about, but he couldn't think of anything else to say. " "What else would it be about!" he heard Edge hiss. Ghost explained everything from going to the river to going home. "It's not exactly my fault," he finished. Leila looked at Edge and then back to Ghost. "That does make sense," she murmured. Edge sat down. "It does." Ghost, Leila, and Edge all settled down and sat. "Midnight told me that you disturbed her and a loner when they were spending time together, but according to you," Leila mewed, "Now what?" Ghost's right ear twitched. He would avoid punishment if he could. Edge growled. "I'll think about a punishment for both of you," He walked into the tree-den. "Well, looks like that's that." Ghost stretched and mewed, "What are you going to do now?" Leila replied, "I'll just go hunt," she mewed awkwardly. Ghost watched her bound off. "Time to deal with Midnight and Edge," he thought. He went into the tree-den and found Edge taking a nap, while Midnight was just lying down. They both looked very upset. No one seemed to want to say anything. Ghost laid down in the middle of the tree-den and stayed that way for the while. ~Swiftcloud

Leila crouched low and stayed quiet. She was a while from the tree-den now. She was hunting a squirrel in the middle of the forest. The squirrel started climbing a tree, and Leila pounced. "Success," she thought. After the encounter with Edge and Ghost, Leila recently found herself thinking about the two cats. She decided to talk to Ghost about it sometime. "But not now," she thought. She started walking to the river. Leila thought she needed to go there to think more and drink some water. By the time she got to the river, she thought about Edge and Ghost more as she drank. "When should I talk to Ghost about what happened?" she asked herself. "Would he want to talk at all?" All of a sudden, Leila heard a sniffing noise coming from the bushes to the right of her. A badger jumped out of the bushes and started running toward Leila. She froze in horror and didn't move before the badger bashed into her. Leila never felt anything so painful. She finally struggled her way out of the badger's grasp. She quickly ran away deep into the forest, and into forest areas she had never been to. ~Swiftcloud

Leila had lost the badger, but she got chased into unknown territory that she, Ghost, Midnight, nor even Edge ever went to. She knew that in order to go home she had to go in the direction behind her, but the badger was probably still around the place of the forest Leila was familiar with. She also dug up a pile of dirt so she would remember where she had to go to get back to her part of the forest. After she hunted for a while without success, she suddenly smelled a strange scent. Two cats appeared from the undergrowth and started circling Leila. "Oh no," she thought. "Not now," "What are you doing in our territory?" the yellow tabby tom hissed. "Don't bother asking," the gray tom told the yellow tabby. "She'll just lie to us." Leila was really scared now. She might never get back to her part of the forest, or she might get killed right here. "No," she mewed nervously. "I'll tell the truth," she stumbled. "Really!" The cats would probably never believe her. "Fine," the yellow tabby growled. "Who are you and what are you doing here?" he asked. Leila replied, "I got lost after I got chased away from my part of the forest by a badger, and then I ended up here," The two toms still looked serious. They started talking about something Leila couldn't hear. Then the yellow tabby mewed darkly, "Alright," Leila was relieved that the cats weren't going to hurt her. ~Swiftcloud

Leila sat down while the yellow tabby told her, "I'm Marmalade," Leila replied, "Hi Marmalade." she greeted him shyly. "And this is Stone." Marmalade pointed his tail toward the gray tom. "Hi, Stone." Leila greeted again. "Do you want to see our den?" Stone asked her politely. "Sure." Leila replied. After the three got to Marmalade and Stone's den, Leila mewed, "This is nice," The den was made out of stone, with two nests made out of leaves inside. There was also a small pile of prey outside the den, but it was right next to the den. "It's not much," Leila heard Stone murmur. She didn't think she should say anything though. "I think might want to stay here for the rest of the day," she mewed. "The badger might still be around." Marmalade replied, "I'll show you where you can get some maple leaves for your nest." Leila was glad to have a shelter with friendly cats at a time like this. "Alright, thanks." she mewed with gratitude. Marmalade led Leila to a maple tree not far from the den. "Just climb the tree and pick the leaves," he had told her. After Leila picked enough leaves for her new nest, she and Marmalade went back to the den so that Leila could make her nest in the den. A while later, when night came, the three went to sleep. "Good night," Marmalade mewed to Stone and Leila. Leila replied, "Good night," Stone mewed, "Good night," he yawned. "Sweet dreams." Leila felt strangely glad and worried at the same time. Edge, Ghost, and Midnight were probably worrying about her and planning searches for her. But she should be back after tonight, and everthing would be fine. ~Swiftcloud

It was morning, and Leila, Stone, and Marmalade had woken up. "Do you want to eat breakfast here or do you have to go now?" Stone asked. "Surely it wouldn't hurt to eat first?" Leila thought. She knew the best thing to do was to head back immediately, but she was usually hungry in the morning, and she was definitely hungry now. "I'll eat first." she answered. So she went to the pile of prey and picked out a mouse. She ate next to Marmalade, who was eating a bluebird. "It was nice meeting you," Marmalade mewed. Leila replied, "You too." Leila was going to miss Marmalade and Stone. She thought they were both great friends to have. "You know," she started. "Maybe I could visit sometime," Marmalade replied, "But weren't you lost when you came here?" Leila had aleready figured that part out. "I was, but think, when I got chased by the badger, it chased me in a straight way. All I have to do to head in a straight direction from here and keep going until I get home. And if I want to get back here, I do the same thing, but from home. See how easy?" Marmalade smiled and purred, "Yeah! Seems like it won't be so hard to be each other!" Leila was glad to hear Marmalade so happy. "I gotta go," she mewed. She finished her mouse and headed toward the entrance."See ya!" ~Swiftcloud

By the time Leila got back to where the tree-den was, she saw the badger, but no cats. She started crawling around the area to get closer to the tree-den. When she got close enough to get into the tree den, she quickly bounded inside. Inside, Ghost, Midnight, and Edge were all inside. Edge gave Leila a hard, stern look and hissed, "Where have you been!" Midnight stood between the two cats and defended her sister. "She probably just got lost or something," She looked at Leila. "Right?" Leila was suprised by her sudden defensiveness. "Yeah," she replied sarcastically. "I just got chased by the badger outside," Edge didn't change his serious look. "And you weren't able to come back for a day?" Leila saw that she had no luck anymore with lying. "No," she mewed. Edge sighed. "Just stay here," Leila didn't say anything. "The badger probably isntt going anytime soon," he finished. So Leila stayed in the tree-den until midnight, when she, Midnight, and Ghost slept. Right before Leila went to sleep in her nest, she saw Edge lying in his nest, but he wasn't sleeping. "Wow," Leila thought. "He must really be mad at me." ~Swiftcloud

The next morning, when Leila woke up, she heard Midnight mew to her,"Hey Leila," Leila sat up and started to see Midnight more clearly. "Yeah?" she replied. "Wanna go hunt in the forest with me?" Midnight gave her a cheerful look. "Okay," Leila replied. So they went to a part of the forest not far from the tree-den. "You look for prey," Midnight told Leila. "I think I smell squirrel." Leila went farther over to the path where she could go see Marmalade and Stone in case if they came looking for her. Later, she killed a rabbit, and luckily there was no sign of either of the toms. She heard Midnight heading over to her, and she saw a squirrel in her jaws. "Turns out there was a squirrel," Midnight mewed happily. "Did you get anything?" Leila replied, "I got a rabbit," "Alright, then," Midnight mewed. "Let's go home." As Leila walked back with Midnight, she saw Marmalade in the middle of the path to his and Stone's den. "Go back!" Leila thought desperately. If Marmalade got close enough for Midnight to notice him, Leila would be in big trouble. She tried to move faster, but not too fast that Midnight would become suspicious of her. Unfortunately, Midnight mewed, "What's the rushing for?" "Oh no," Leila thought. "She noticed!" Leila lied, "I'm just hungry," Midnight gave her a confused look. "After all, I did just wake up." She finished. "Okay," Midnight replied. "It shouldn't be that far anymore." Leila was relieved. Midnight, Ghost, nor Edge would see Marmalade or Stone. The toms would probably know she was busy.~Swiftcloud

Everyone in the tree-den was eating prey that was stored that afternoon. Edge had the rabbit Leila caught, Ghost had a chafinch, Leila had a mouse, and Midnight had the squirrel she caught. When Midnight finished her squirrel (she finished eating first out of the four), she mewed, "I'm just gonna go see where we can find prey for next time," Edge stretched. "Be back soon," he mewed. "If you end up far, at least be back by dawn." ~Swiftcloud

Midnight was in the forest, but nowhere near the river. When she said she was looking for prey, she was really looking for any suspicious scents. When she got to the path where Leila hunted near yesterday, she smelled a strange scent when she went into the path. It smelled grassy and wet. "Can't be Leila or Ghost," Midnight thought. "Edge smells more like wet leaves," She didn't know any cat with this scent. Midnight decided to go back and report this to Edge, but stopped. "Could it be the badger?" she thought. The badger that was in the forest before could have gone that way. "Don't say anything," she told herself in her mind. ~Swiftcloud

When Midnight got back home, Edge was not anywhere in the tree-den. "Where's Edge?" she asked. "He said he went out to hunt." Ghost replied. "He shouldn't be long." Leila scratched and mewed, "Did you find ant good places to hunt?" Midnight forgot to come up with an excuse! "Yeah," she started. "I noticed a lot of birds in the middle of the forest." Leila replied, "Alright." "I guess we'll just have to stay here and wait for Edge to come back."~Swiftcloud

By the time Edge came back, the sun was setting. Midnight saw a mouse in his jaws when Edge mewed, "Sorry for the long wait," he dropped the mouse onto the grassy floor. "I looked through the forest for new hunting places, although I found none." Edge lied down in his nest, looking very tired. It seemed like Edge was out for the longest time he ever has, at least as long as Midnight knew. Ghost bent down and started eating the mouse. "Maybe your long trip was worth it," he mewed to Edge. "Even if you didn't find any new hunting places, this mouse is really good," Nothing much happened for the rest of the night, until she heard a scratching noise by the tree-den wall. She went out and found something she wished she never saw. Three dogs were eating rabbits that were somehow splattered all over the right side of the tree-den, and all the prey was gone. Midnight immediately rushed back inside and woke everybody up (Ghost was first, then Leila, then Edge)and briefly explained what she saw. "We can't fight the dogs, or just run out of here," Edge thought out loud. Leila chimed in with an idea. "Maybe we can sneak past the dogs somehow?" she asked. Edge looked up at her. "I guess that's the only way," he mewed quietly, looking back down. "Well then let's do it before these dogs wreck the tree-den!" Ghost mewed anxiously. "We've wasted enough time discussing this." Everyone started crawling out of the tree-den, while very close to it. They were able to make it into some brambles where they could watch the dogs. "I wonder how those rabbits got there," Ghost mewed. "Did some cat do that?" Edge mewed, "Let's not think about who did what," he paused to get everyone's attention. "Let's just get somewhere safer and then talk!" So every cat went deeper into the forest and farther away from the tree-den where they wouldn't be attacked. "So who do you think did that?" Ghost mewed. ~Swiftcloud

Edge replied,"I still don't know, but it was probably a cat," A conclusion suddenly hit Leila. "Surely Marmalade or Stone didn't do this, did they?" she thought. When Leila first met Marmalade and Stone, they were both very nice to her. Would they hurt her family though? "Probably not," she thought again. It was hard to image either of them doing it, but it wasn't impossible. " She asked Edge,"Are we gonna have to sleep here tonight?" Edge looked at the sky and the bright full moon, and told her, "Yes," Ghost and Midnight turned to him. "It seems obvious," he mewed, looking at Ghost and Midnight. ~Swiftcloud

When morning came, Ghost was really hungry by the time he woke up. Leila and Midnight were both grooming themselves in the nests they made the other night, while Edge was sniffing herbs by some bushes. Ghost went over to Edge and mewed to him, "Should I go hunt?" Edge replied, "Yes," He turned his whole body to face Ghost. "Don't get too close to the tree-den. Hunt in the woods." So Ghost went to the woods and started hunting a crow. Ghost pounced as the crow tried flying away, but Ghost did the killing bite by then. As he went back to the rest of the group, he saw Shade and a brown tom he never saw before. He could hear Shade tell the brown tom, "Good job," Ghost dropped his crow and listened some more. "Just come over any time," the brown tom replied. "And one more thing before you go," Shade mewed. The brown tom turned to him. "Yes?" Shade told him, "Meet me in the woods tomorrow," Ghost got worried now. What would they talk about then? He quickly ran back to the group with his crow. "They'd better hear about this," Ghost thought. He, his family, or both could get hurt by them somehow! ~Swiftcloud

Ghost burst into the bramble area and dropped his crow next to his nest. "Edge!" Ghost panicked. Edge turned to him with a worried look. "What?" he mewed anxiously. "You sound very worried," Leila and Midnight had come over to Ghost and Edge. "What's wrong?" Leila asked. Ghost saw that both Leila and Midnight also looked very worried. Ghost explained what he heard and saw. After, Edge mewed, "Let's go back home," Ghost started to think about the brown tom he saw before. Who was he? Did anyone he knows knew him? "Let's go, we'll talk in the tree-den." So Ghost followed Edge along with Leila and Midnight back to the tree-den. ~Swiftcloud

In the tree-den, Edge started discussing the situation again. "So you said that on your way back to us, you saw Shade," Midnight looked more upset when Shade was mentioned. Edge continued, "And a brown tom you've never seen before, right?" Ghost mewed, "Yes," The sun was setting, and the tree-den was still stained with rabbit blood, although none of the tree-den was badly damaged. "Describe the brown tom more," Leila chimed in. "Maybe if you describe his fur length, or his eye color, he'll sound more familiar," Ghost mewed, "Well, he had yellow eyes, and his fur was kind of long," Edge growled, "His size?" Ghost was suprisedd by his father's aggression. "He seemed kind of big," Ghost mewed. Edge looked very satisfied now. "I don't know any cat who looks like that," He turned to Midnight and Leila. "Do you?" ~Swiftcloud

Leila spoke first. "I don't," Edge turned to her quickly. Leila continued, "According to what Ghost said, I don't know any cat like that." Edge then turned to Midnight. "Me neither," Edge mewed, "I don't know anyone like that," He looked like he was thinking deeply. "Just be careful of who you meet in the forest." Leila thought this was kind of babyish for Edge to say. Then nothing else was said. ~Swiftcloud

The sparrow pecked at the grass, not seeming to notice a white cat stalking it. Edge had gone out for the afternoon to hunt, while Leila and Midnight were in the tree-den. And Ghost was guarding the tree-den, looking out for the brown tom, and of course, any other intruders. Edge pounced on the sparrow before it could fly away. It was very small. He sighed. "Great luck," Edge thought. This could only feed one cat, and with winter on it's way, there hasn't been much prey around anymore. Sniffing the air, Edge's ears pricked up. "Mouse!" he thought. Walking quietly, he found the mouse chewing. Catching it, he observed it throughly. Plumper, but not very. By the evening, with only the sparrow and mouse due to several fails, Edge headed back to the tree-den. As he walked, something rustled in a nearby bush. "I'm too tired," Edge thought. He could catch whatever was there tomorrow. He eventually headed to the tree-den. Little did he notice, the "prey" in the bush was really a cat. "You don't know what's coming for you, Edge." The cat said. ~Swiftcloud

Leila stretched, rising out of her nest. She heard birds chirping happily for the morning. "Lazy," Leila thought. Her siblings and father were still fast asleep. Walking out of the tree-den, she gazed around the forest. "Nice weather for a day of fall," she thought. Nothing could go wrong today, right? Today would probably just be another day. Leila went to drink by the river when she smelled a familiar scent whisk by. Stone? No. She had told Marmalade and Stone back in their territory that she was the one who'd visit if they were to get together. She couldn't see a gray pelt anywhere, but she knew Stone was around here somewhere. She sniffed farther away from where Stone's scent hung in the air, finding a mouse. Later, with the same mouse in her jaws, along with a robin and a thrush, Leila put all her catches in the prey pile. "Psst!" She looked back in surprise. She saw Stone's head popped out from a tree. "Leila!" he whispered. Running to him as quietly as she could, Leila said with concern in her voice, "What are you doing here?" she whispered back. Stone, who must have seen the worry in Leila, replied, "Marmalade needed to hear from you again, but he thought he'd get caught more easily. Besides, I really missed you too," Leila felt deep regret just hearing that. "I'm sorry," she replied. "I've just been busy with my family, and some strange things have been going on," Stone looked even more worried now. The sun rised up high enough that all members of her family should've been up by now, or were they? "Maybe we can talk more tomorrow. We won't be busy." Stone decided. Leila agreed, and went back into the tree-den. ~Swiftcloud

"Where've you been, Leila? You're not usually out for so long." asked Ghost. This question startled Leila. She never thought of an excuse for talking to Stone! Lying quickly, she mewed, "Oh, I was just walking around, you know, looking for more places to hunt since winter's coming."Ah, I see. Okay." Ghost smiled. Leila fake smiled back and sat in her nest. "Where's Midnight and Edge?" she asked. "They went hunting on the other side of the river. They went together in case the weird cat ambushes them. Edge said we--you and me--have each other in case the cat attacks us." This made sense. "Okay." Leila replied. She ate the thrush she caught earlier while Ghost ate her robin. ~Swiftcloud

Later, Edge and Midnight had come back, and the only cat left to hunt was Ghost. "It's okay if you don't catch anything, just go around and look for prey. If you smell the strange cat, come back as soon as possible." Ghost replied with a questioned look on his face. "And if he attacks?" "Defend yourself like any other cat!" Edge hissed. Ghost, surprised, flattened his ears. "Okay," he mewed while walking out of the tree-den. ~Swiftcloud

"For someone who was pretty upset about the problems on our paws, he was quite grumpy," Ghost thought. Didn't he know complaints weren't going to help? There was already Shade, the strange cat, and the conflict with Midnight. At least Leila wasn't bothering him. Although Ghost wished Leila would actually help him instead of just standing in the middle of it all and remaining silent. The thought would be harsh to Leila, if she knew he felt this way, which was why he said nothing. He just needed someone--anyone!--to help him. But no. Everyone had to go on the other side. And he didn't even know why! Just why? He was a loyal cat! He never killed or betrayed anyone! As Ghost thought about all of this in despair, something darted from one bramble to another. "Uh oh." he thought. Ghost sniffed the air and the scent was just what he expected. Shade. ~Swiftcloud

"I know that's you, Shade." Ghost growled. "Don't even continue trying." The black cat responded, smiling. "Oh, I know, Ghost. And I'm not still trying." Shade pounced on Ghost, claws unsheathed. Hissing, he scratched Ghost's face and the two tumbled until Shade's back was rubbed against a tree. Shade pushed him off, and both enemies were on all fours, facing each other with hatred looks. For some reason, Shade smiled all of a sudden. Caught off guard, a cocoa blur took Ghost down. This made Ghost very scared now. Not because he was just ambushed, but because the cat looming over him was the tom he had seen talking to Shade. The strange cat. ~Swiftcloud

"He shouldn't be taking so long," Edge mewed. "Maybe you really made him upset," Leila responded. "You saw how he was before he left." This concerned Edge. Could Ghost have run off? Was he far? If so, how far? "Should one of us go looking for him?" Midnight's question snapped him out of his thoughts. He replied. "Leila can protect the tree-den while we search." Edge turned to Leila. "Is that okay with you?" Leila nodded. "Yes." Leila could keep the tree-den safe. Her speed and clever skills could hold off cats for long enough. "We have a steady plan. Ok. Let's go, Midnight." Edge walked out with Midnight on his tail. Leila sat at the entrance, licking a paw. "I hope you'll be alright," Edge thought. Only two pelts, black and white, could be seen as the pair of cats bounded off and into the undergrowth. ~Swiftcloud

When Midnight and Edge reached Ghost, both cats were devastated by what they saw. Ghost was held down on the ground by a fluffy cocoa tom. Ghost was very bloody, his face covered in wounds along with fewer on his body. And what devastated Midnight the most was that Shade stood in front of Edge and Midnight, welcoming them with a cold smile. "Hello Edge, Midnight." Edge growled in response, asking, "Don't do this! None of you!" He turned to the cocoa tom. Midnight felt like her gut had just been ripped out. She couldn't move seeing this. Her family was right all along. How could Shade do this though?! Why would he want any of this to happen? Shade, who must have noticed her shock and fear, mewed to her. "What's with the look, dear? You make it seem like one of us is growing wings," Now Midnight could only yowl two words. "YOU TRAITOR!" With tears running down her face, she tackled Shade, starting a fight between all the cats except for Ghost, who only rolled back onto his belly after the cocoa tom lunged for Edge. Those two got into a fight as well. Edge quickly hissed to Ghost. "Run!" Without question, Ghost obeyed and ran out if the scene as quickly as he could, headed straight toward the river. ~Swiftcloud

By the time Ghost reached the tree-den, he was exhausted. He wasn't in very good shape either after being beaten by Shade and the tom, whose name turned out to be Scratch. When Leila saw him, she gasped and ran over to him immediately. "What happened to you?!" was the first thing she said. Ghost continued walking into the den, picking a squirrel from the prey pile. Leila followed him inside and jumped up to a hang where all the herbs were. She brought down leaves and ointment. Ghost winced as the ointment touched his scratches. "Now, tell me the story." Leila demanded. "Oh, ok," Ghost replied. After he told the story, Leila gazed at the lichen covered entrance to the tree-den. "Wow," she mewed. "You could have been killed..." Ghost sighed. "I know," Leila finished working on the last scratch. "I hope nothing has happened to Edge and Midnight," Leila mewed. Right on cue, the other two family members walked through the lichen. "Finally!" she said. There were scratches on the pair of cats. "Don't tell me you need herbs too," Leila complained. Edge raised a paw. "Oh, no, it's nothing severe. Just your typical battle injuries." Midnight supported him. "Yeah. It can wait until morning." All cats fell into their nests. "Long day, eh?" Midnight mewed, smiling. "Sure was," Leila responded. Edge closed his eyes. "Good night, kits." Ghost furrowed his brows. "Kits?" They all laughed for a moment. Afterward, they went to sleep. "Anyways, I'm sleeping," Ghost decided. "Ok" Edge replied. And so soon enough everyone else's eyes closed, one by one. ~Swiftcloud

Rising out of her nest, Leila stretched and yawned. Everyone else was asleep. "Perfect," Leila thought. She could make her way to Marmalade and Stone easily as long as they stayed like this until she came back. Bounding away, she silently went to their territory. When she got there, Marmalade was there to greet her. "Oh, hi Leila!" He smiled. "Hi," the she-cat replied. Leila looked down at the gray sleeping body. "He looks so cozy," Leila giggled. Marmalade flicked his tail. "Yeah. I guess sneaking over to your territory was quite tiring." Leila gazed up at the sky. "I'll leave at dawn, so we have some time." Marmalade padded over to the prey pile. Grabbing a mouse, he offered to Leila. "We can share this one," As they ate, Marmalade asked about the incident that happened yesterday. After telling the story, Marmalade's ear twitched. "Wow! Good thing nothing serious happened," Taking her last bite of mouse, she mewed. "Oh, would you look at the time," The sun was rising, exposing the forest to daylight. Marmalade stood and smiled. "Ok. Nice seeing you." As Leila walked thought the bramble entrance, she said back, "Bye!" ~Swiftcloud

To her surprise, as she walked through the vines of the tree-den's entrance, Midnight saw Leila walking in her direction. Midnight immediately came up to her and questioned her. "Leila? How did you get up so early? Why?" Mouse dung! Leila thought. She hadn't expected to come home to an already awake Midnight who would bombard her with questions. Trying not to look overwhelmed, she replied with an excuse. "Eh. I guess I couldn't really sleep," Leila tried to make her statement as casual as possible. Midnight's face gave the idea that she didn't believe the story, but she didn't pry any further into the situation. "Okay....." Midnight walked to the vine exit. "Well, now that you're here, I can go hunt," Leila was relieved to be released of suspicion. As much as she guilt she felt lying to her family, she couldn't just let go of Marmalade and Stone. The two toms were one of the most loving, trustworthy and accepting cats she had ever met. Such friends could be very rare. Midnight mewed to Leila before she went out. "See you later," Leila watched her fluffy black pelt run through the vines. She glanced at her brother and father. Both were sound asleep. Although the sun was already up, it was okay for them to sleep a little longer, for she was here wi them, and Midnight had hunting duty under control. Leila sighed quietly and lied down in her nest, with nothing else to do but watch Ghost and Edge. A scary and ominous thought suddenly came into her thoughts. What if eventually Midnight found out about Stone and Marmalade? Or even worse, her whole family? What would they do to Leila or the two toms? Would they harm her friends? What would they think of her? Would they think of her differently? ~Swiftcloud

Ghost slowly opened his eyes and yawned. He stretched in his nest and adjusted to the morning light coming through the tree-den's vines. The memory of Shade and Scratch tricking and capturing him struck his mind and he shuddered. A long, terrible event had happened that evening that Ghost would remember for a while. He turned and saw Leila in her nest, staring up at the curved, uneven ceiling of the tree-den. Ghost greeted her. " Good morning," he said in a friendly way and smiled. Leila, startled, made a noise and turned quickly to Ghost. Once she realized what he said, she calmed down and returned the statement. "Good morning," Edge had already just woken and adjusted. Realizing that Midnight was no where to be found inside, he turned to Leila. "Where's Midnight?" "She's out hunting," Leila started grooming herself, licking her paws and brushing them across her ears. Edge gave Leila a questioning mew. "Have you eaten yet?" Leila nodded and started licking her back. The vines at the den entrance started moving and Midnight came in. She held a mouse and two chaffinches in her jaw. She set them all down on the grassy floor. "Anyone want to eat?" Midnight asked. Ghost and Edge nodded, and decided to share the mouse. Midnight ate one of the chaffinches and put the other onto the prey pile. As Midnight, Edge, and Ghost ate, and Leila groomed herself, Midnight meowed out to all the other cats. "Hey, you know, Leila woke up pretty early this morning," Leila quickly turned to her with wide, startled eyes. Ghost noticed this and got confused, several thoughts suddenly flowing into his mind. Why did Leila look so scared? Was she just overly embarrassed, or was it something else? Midnight looked at Leila as if she expected her to say something. Leila, flustered, nervously yet boldly replied, questioning Midnight. "So? Why are you making a big deal out of the time I woke up this morning? It doesn't really matter to anyone." Midnight flinched and replied. "Whoa, calm down......fine then." Now knowing that the conflict was ending, Ghost's hairs flattened back down. He turned to Edge to see his reaction. Edge's brow was raised, but he said nothing. Ghost decided to take a bite of his mouse as if only a casual joke was told. Everyone else awkwardly returned to eating and grooming, however Ghost saw Midnight glaring at Leila, and Leila trying to reflect the look without showing fear. Now that he had been thinking about it, he might have realized something. Did both of his sisters know something he didn't? ~Swiftcloud

Midnight grunted as she climbed up the tree den to watch the territories. Sure, she had brought Leila's unusual behavior into discussion successfully, but nothing was really done about it. No one had questioned Leila with something other than curious looks or came to Midnight's side in the situation. No even tried to discipline Midnight herself for acting so nosy and suspicious. Midnight hauled herself up onto a steady branch where she could see all the known territories. At least both toms knew something was up. Surely at some point either Leila or Midnight would be consulted about it? Midnight hoped so. The fluffy black she-cat crawled to a place on her branch where she'd be hidden by leaves, but could still see the land. Midnight sighed quietly. She could only wait and see what would happen next. ~Swiftcloud