Placeholder cat
Current Rogue
Past Loner
Given Leaf
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Father Jaspar
Mother Ruby
Siblings Ginger, Mist
Mate None
Kits None
Owner None

Leaf is a muscular brown-and-white tabby she-cat with dark green eyes, several scars, and a torn ear.



Leaf is a large, muscular she-cat. Her fur is very short and thin, and her eyes are oval shaped. Her fur is a dark chocolate brown patches, and her muzzle, chest, and paws are white. She has a tiny, pale pink nose, and very dark green eyes. She has several scars, most notably a long gash across her neck from a fight when she was younger. She also has an almost completely torn off ear.


Physical HealthEdit

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Mental HealthEdit

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Skills and AbilitiesEdit

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Leaf and her two siblings, Ginger and Mist, were born to Jaspar, a kittypet, and Ruby, a loner. Ruby raised the kits on the forests bordering the Twoleg Place, and their father often visited them. Even as a kit Leaf showed the arrogance and viciousness in her personality today, often picking fights with her littermates over nothing, or boasting about her developing fighting and hunting skills.
Slowly Jaspar stopped visiting the four, and one day announced that this was his last visit, and offered for his kits and Ruby to come live with him. All four declined in turn, and afterwards the kits only saw their father on the occasional venture into Twoleg Place.
As the cats grew older the family separated, with Mint leaving to live in the forest close to LakeCan's territory. Then Leaf left to live on her own, staying close to Towleg Place, and finally Ginger and Ruby, staying together, left where their home had been since Leaf was a kit.
Leaf often got in fights with cats in the surrounding area, ever more so when she began living on her own. This fights earned her several scars, and the almost complete loss of one ear.
Later on Leaf joined Viper's organization of cats, working herself up to a high ranking within the group.


Leaf is settled in a weak patch of sunshine, after checking that all the cat's in Viper's group were doing their job. She is enjoying a mouse that she had taken from one of the lower cats. She vaguely remembers that the cat's name is Red. She thinks that she might possibly hunt later on, but she would have to see where the day took her.



Jaspar: Living


Ruby: Living


Mist: Living
Ginger: Living


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