Kittypets live in houses with their housefolk. They normally don't hunt to survive, but instead hunt for sport. They see live in the forest as dangerous, and try to avoid most Clan activity.


  • Onyx- black tom. Kyra
  • Peanut- light brown classic tabby tom. Kyra
  • Jacob - pale gold-and-white patched tom with yellow eyes. Roleplayed by Bbun
  • Margaret - tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat. Roleplayed by Bbun
  • Jaspar - pale ginger tom. Roleplayed by Shimmer
  • George - small black and white tom. Roleplayed by Tatum
  • Snuggles - plump pale ginger and white tom with green-yellow eyes. Roleplayed by Tatum
  • Paris - jet black she-cat with orange patches and pale blue eyes. Cinderderp
  • Charcoal - fluffy black and gray tom with dark amber eyes. Roleplayed by Tawny.
  • Muffin - fluffy yellowish brown she-cat with dark blue eyes. Roleplayed by Tawny.
  • Marissa - black she-kit with bright green eyes. Roleplayed by Shimmer
  • Kronk - Birman tom. Big, fluffy, and cream coloured with darker brown points and deep blue eyes. Roleplayed by Trolly
  • Fluffy -a tiny, very fluffy, smoky brownish grey she-cat with a bright red collar with a bell. Trolly
  • Boris - fluffy ginger tom with white forepaws, hind legs, except for a ginger spot on the back of the left leg, hind paws, and belly; amber eyes. Roleplayed by Tawny.
  • Akeela - a slender, light brown tabby she-cat with a pale brown underbelly, paws, and field-green eyes. Roleplayed by Cloud 9


  • Kyra- teenaged female Twoleg with long brown hair and dark brown eyes. Owner of Shadow, Onyx, and Peanut. Roleplayed by Kyra


Kittypets Roleplay