Placeholder cat
Current SandClan
Past N/A
Given Flamewhisker
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Owner None

Flamewhisker is a small, sleek yet fluffy, ginger tabby she-cat with fluffy fur, emerald green eyes and long, slender legs. 


Flamewhisker is quite the snappy type. She never seems to be in a good mood. She'll often hiss at cats if they put a single paw wrong. She's quite easy to annoy, and almost has a fierce nature. 


Flamewhisker first appears bringing in a squirrel to camp and seeing Russetpaw and Mosquitowhisker going to a violent measure of argument, and she prowls over, snapping at the both of them to knock it off. Mosquitowhisker growls at her, saying she'd shred Flamewhisker's ears if she ordered her around one more time. Flamewhisker makes a sarcastic retort and finishes a thrush she was eating, walking out of camp after taking care of the remains of the bird. Before she's taken two pawsteps out of camp a mouse scurries right in front of her paws and she kills it, bringing it to Applestar. Flamewhisker then decides to instead take a nap rather than going for a walk, and she goes into the warrior's den, curling up and quickly falling asleep.

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  • Tatum had a half a mind to name Flamewhisker instead Flamestorm; one reason being, despite her honed hunting skills, her personality makes her seem like a -storm cat.

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