If you see a character on this list that you'd like to make, ask the roleplayer! But remember, the roleplayer always gets to do their own cats' chararts, unless they tell another user they may do the charart for them!




  • Petalstar (Kit, Apprentice, Warrior, Deputy, Leader)
  • Ryeface (Kit, Apprentice, Warrior)


  • Plumestar (Kit, Apprentice, Warrior, Deputy)


Loners and RoguesEdit


Tribe of the Falling RainEdit

Tribe of The Dancing WindEdit

Dark ForestEdit

  • Starla Grace (kit, apprentice, rogue, warrior, queen, deputy, leader, dark forest)
  • Sootwing (Kit, Apprentice, Warrior, Deputy, Dark Forest)
  • Thunderpaw (Kit, Apprentice, Dark Forest)


  • Mistfire (Kit, Apprentice, StarClan)
  • Rosekit (Kit, StarClan Kit)
  • Moonstar (Kit, Loner, Apprentice, Warrior, Deputy, Leader, StarClan)
  • Oceanstar (Kit, Apprentice, Warrior, Queen, Deputy, Leader, StarClan)
  • Poolwing (Kit, Apprentice, Warrior, Deputy, StarClan)
  • Darksong (Kit, Medicine Cat Apprentice, Medicine Cat, StarClan)
  • Leafpaw (Kit, Medicine Cat Apprentice, StarClan)
  • Softpelt (Kit, Apprentice, Warrior, StarClan)
  • Sweetpaw (Kit, Apprentice, StarClan)
  • Emberstorm (Kit, Apprentice, Warrior, Queen, StarClan)
  • Dewkit (Kit, StarClan Kit)


  • Queen (Fern)
  • Rogue (Crys)
  • Elder (Shimmer)
  • To-be (Crys)
  • StarClan/StarClan Kit (Fern)
  • Dark Forest (Taters)
  • Kittypet (Fern)
  • Longhair Apprentices
  • Longhair Medicine Cat Apprentices
  • Longhair Prey hunter (Crys) 
  • Stoneteller (Cloud)

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