Duskstar woke from a restless sleep, startled. He knew that the previous night's events would not bring him a peaceful rest - he didn't mind that. His mate lay next to him, sleeping peacefully, and he breathed a sigh of relief - at least one of them would have a peaceful rest. Rising to his paws, he leaned down to lick Quailheart's head gently, before padding out of the den and onto Highledge. Not wanting to waste him, he jumped down onto the ground, heading straight for the warriors' den.

"Is Mikey okay?" Duskstar asked gently, as he slipped inside, directing his question to Ravenheart. The black tom looked up from where he was curled around his denmate, quietly uncurling himself from Lightningclaw's white figure. As Ravenheart moved, Duskstar caught sight of the prominent red scratches on the sleeping tom's flank, scarlet against his white fur. He winced, heart aching at the sight. Not too long ago, he'd done the same thing, and seeing it on his best friend's fur was a painful reminder.

"He fell asleep, but he's had nightmares," Ravenheart replied softly. "So I really don't know." ShoonderpYou are my everything... 18:05, March 2, 2015 (UTC)